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How to Check Word Count in WordPress

WordPress is considered one of the most popular content management systems around the globe. The simplicity and optimization make it a favorite platform for bloggers.

Nowadays, the quality and length of each blog post are very important. You have to focus more on the content so that you wouldn’t hit by any Google algorithm updates. The usefulness of each blog post should be high.

When you have attention on content word count is one of the things you look for. Earlier, you needed to install plugins or rely on online tools to check the word count in WordPress. But things have been changed after the launch of the new block editor.

Now, you can check word count in WordPress without any additional plugins or tools. Apart from the word count, you can also get character count, headings count, paragraph counts, block counts, etc.

Open your post editor and you can see an exclamation icon at the top left menu.

wordpress word count

When the icon is clicked the details such as word count are shown.

This is how you check word count in WordPress without third party tools.

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