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The Solution to Low Adsense Earning is Ezoic

Getting 30K views per month to a blog is not a simple feat. Every blogger would rejoice in such a feat and look forward to fruitful earnings from monetization. But I wasn’t that happy because at that point what I earn from ads was too low.

Google Adsense is considered the top option for standard monetization for publishers. If you have enough clean and original content then getting Adsense approval is not difficult. Everything is easy with Google Adsense, even the initial setup and implementation.

But, If you don’t have majority of traffic from countries such as the US and Canada then get ready to disappoint. The Adsense earning would be too low for you. It’s so low that I was earning just 14.80 $ from 41,000 pageviews in August 2020.

At this point, I was looking for some Google Adsense alternatives. I know many of the alternatives are crap and pay less than Adsense. Around this time, I got an invitation to Ezoic through email. I was skeptical until I heard about Ezoic through one of the YouTube videos of the Income School team.

I decided to try out Ezoic. They have some requirements for new publishers such as a minimum of 10K traffic per month. I sent them my Google Analytics proof and I created an account there with one of my blogs.

Ezoic is an ad network and a Google certified publishing partner that uses artificial intelligence to display ads. Initially, I had a lot of confusion while using the Ezoic platform, starting from integration to showing ads. Fortunately, they have an excellent support team and there are a ton of FAQ articles there.

It took me about two days to get everything ready. As Ezoic ensures a 50% increase in ad revenue, my two eyes were on revenue reports. And the following is what I earned from Ezoic in October 2020.

I earned 213.77 dollars in October from around 38,000 visits. A huge growth from $14.8 to $213.77, which means the Ezoic delivered more than promised. It was a huge boost for me.

This doesn’t mean, Ezoic doesn’t have drawbacks. Initially, it would take a few days to get used to the Ezoic platform. The next having Ezoic on your blog may reduce the site speed. But, you can’t match the earnings of Ezoic and the sole advantage is enough to ignore those shortcomings.

If you are a blogger who struggles with Adsense earnings then you should definitely try out Ezoic. And if you are a publisher from Asian countries such as India then definitely Ezoic is a golden opportunity.

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